Parent Testimonials

“My son is a late-bloomer, and likes to do things “his way” on “his time.”  When he started his Pre-K year at the CDC, we weren’t sure he’d be ready for Kindergarten.  The Pre-K teachers worked hard to make learning for him interesting & fun.  They respected his pace, but also encouraged him out of his comfort zone.  By spring, not only did our son excel at letters, numbers, art, fine motor, gross motor and social skills – he tested well enough to be accepted into a challenging private school for Kindergarten.  CDC’s Pre-K teachers played a critical role in his growth and readiness.”    Anonymous

 “Sending my daughter to Huguenot Road Baptist Church Child Development Center has been a wonderful decision.  The teachers are fabulous, they have fun lessons and activities, and the school has a great policy of communication between the teachers and families.  My daughter was extremely shy and reserved, and they have really helped her come out of her shell.  She is always coming home sharing all the new things she learned and has made many friends in her classes.  I highly recommend the Child Development Center!”  A. Randall

 “When I became a stay at home mom to “two under two”, my amazing mother-in-law insisted I get my son in a preschool to give me a break and allow for some 1 on 1 time with my newborn daughter. I was hesitant. He had only had an in-home nanny part-time for a couple hours a week while I worked in the office, and he was a runner. He would bolt and fast! He’s also ahem, the most beautiful little blonde haired, blue-eyed boy in the whole world, and I am terrified of him getting abducted. I agonized over our choice of preschools for weeks! I toured several in our area, and called and went back to the locations several times. I read about accreditation, I read up on all the different curriculum’s, I weighed the tuition costs, and the teacher ratios, the car pool regulations, and compared the playgrounds. What finally made my decision clear was when I thought about where I could leave the most precious thing in my whole world, and I kept asking myself, “Where would he be safe?” The CDC was far above the other very respected and recommended preschools in the Bon Air area when it came to facilities and safety. At other schools I toured, I could walk right into the school and classrooms. Parts of the school were easily accessible to church members or anyone, really. In one of the most prominent schools, I walked by at least 6 classrooms before I got to the office. The classroom doors were also open which concerned me having a “runner”, but they said due to fire code, the doors had to remain open. This means they haven’t updated the doors for breakaway bars which also means they cannot lock down the school in an emergency. Being buzzed in to the CDC and it being described as “one way in, one way out” meaning all the doors are locked and the children are only in two doors, the front and the back to the playground, was comforting. Among many other things that impressed me about the CDC, especially in comparison to other schools, was larger classrooms, brighter classrooms, and bathrooms in the classroom, freedom for religious instruction, and the transparency of the director and teachers. I love the attention to safety that Mrs. Cottrell has devoted to the CDC as even with tears in my eyes turning in a registration form to the preschool, I had the peace of mind that my child would be safer here than anywhere else.”  S. Bell